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Everyday Inspiring Women podcast

Aug 7, 2019

Meredith Allan is an award winning public speaker.  Her signature speech called The “M” Factor (Marketing, Messaging, Masterminding and more) just took the top prize at The International Public Speaker Contest in Las Vegas, NV.  Raising the energy in an audience is a talent Meredith perfected after more than a decade of working as a TV anchor, reporter, talk show host, and radio personality.  She is a Marketing Expert, and her passion is helping her clients grow their businesses and maximize media opportunities.  Meredith is the president of a women’s organization called FemCity Los Angeles, a group dedicated to supporting and connecting women in business.  FemCity is an international organization designed to take women and their businesses to the next level, and it is powered by positivity.
Meredith and I had a great chat! Some things we talked about were:
- marketing, messaging and mindset
- there is no perfect way to grieve
- the problems with wearing a mask
I'm obsessed with storytelling and vulnerability because I believe that this is the truest way to find and stand in your power!
Whether you are looking to discover the story of you or just more inspiration to stand in your power, let’s connect!
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