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Everyday Inspiring Women podcast

Jul 31, 2019

In this episode, we talk about:
- how the trajectory of our life can change in an instant
- the magic of accountability
- how we have the power to turn our darkest times into movements
Louisa in her own words:
Life as I knew it…
Like most people, I had a mental blueprint as to how my life would unfold both professionally and personally.  Early on in my career, I experienced great success as a marketing specialist. I played an integral part in the development of non-profit organizations and event management teams, even launching an Emmy-nominated television series for teens. To top this, I met my incredible husband, and we started making plans to start a family. I was on my way to checking off many of life’s boxes…or so I thought.
 An unexpected turn…
Then, in my late 30’s, an unexpected series of events would throw my original blueprint right out the window, changing the trajectory of my life. Within a five-year period, both my father and mother were diagnosed with late-stage cancer; my husband, whose brain cancer had been dormant for years, had an aggressive re-occurrence. I immediately went into my strategic, pragmatic, and positive mode, taking action and doing endless Google searches looking for answers to help my loved ones now.  I watched them battle for their lives, all the while witnessing them still living full out.  Sadly, both my father and husband died within 18 months of each other; remarkably my mother entered a full remission.
An unexpected, amazing shift…
In retrospect, as I shifted my focus internally, what began to appear for me were amazing mentors, the right books, and courses in personal development.   I saw I possessed a natural resilience; I could handle anything that life presented to me, even if it’s not what I had planned. Different gifts and talents began to emerge from within as a writer, intuitive and coach. This gave me great peace of mind and a new perspective on everything; I felt a true personal power especially knowing that I had a choice as to how I reacted and responded to ANY area of my life. It became very clear that this is what I wanted to share and guide others through.
My new blueprint in life is to simply live Full Out in the present; to empower others and help them realize that they can integrate and transcend life’s twists and turns with courage, power, and grace.
I'm obsessed with storytelling and vulnerability because I believe that this is the truest way to find and stand in your power!
Whether you are looking to discover the story of you or just more inspiration to stand in your power, let’s connect!
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